Monday, November 3, 2008

Welcome and share your stories

Earlier this week, I was shocked to hear about voter fraud involving a disabled 26-year-old Iowa man lviing in a state-funded group home. I was even more shocked to learn this was not an isolated incident, but a frequent occurrence - a pattern of people who are disabled, suffering from dementia or other health challenges who were being manipulated. In some cases,

I created this blog so people can share stories and help ensure:

- People of all ability levels who are capable of making a voting decision have the right and opportunity to do so without interference, manipulation, or intimidation

- People who are not capable of understanding the voting process are protected from having their votes 'stolen' or being manipulated into voting based on someone else's wishes

THIS IS NOT A PARTISAN ISSUE. It is not just about the Presidency either. It is about being fair to the most vulnerable among us and 'going the extra mile' to speak up for those who perhaps can't always speak for themselves.

If you know of an instance of voter fraud, manipulation or intimidation involving a disabled or frail person, please leave a comment. Thank you!